Enjoy the benefits of real estate investing without the hassle or liability of owning investment properties.

We Handle Everything

Our team handles everything, including the acquisition, rehabilitation, tenant screening and property management!

Enjoy the Rewards

Enjoy the rewards of real estate investing without the hassle that comes from the direct ownership of investment properties.

Receive your Share

Each month, investors receive a share of the net rental income based on their investment. Tenants pay rent to C.K. Mack and then we take out expenses, escrows and fees; we then distribute the actual net proceeds to our investors at the beginning of the following month!

How it Works

Investing with C.K. Mack is simple and easy, and you can start investing with just $25.

Sign up, invest in properties and collect monthly cash flow.

No Hassle Real Estate Investing

C.K. Mack offers investments in the cash flow of rented real estate through its easy to use online platform. Our minimum investment is just $25.

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INVESTED: 79.21%

TOTAL INVESTED: $18,219.11

PROPERTY LIMIT: $23,000.00


Mid-West, Indianapolis

ROI : 9.88%

Invest in already performing properties

C.K. Mack lists rental properties on the site that can be invested in. We feature properties on the site that are already performing so you could make better investing decisions.


What our customers say about us

Investing in real estate has never been this easy.

Enjoy the benefits!