Five DIY Home Projects Will Help You Nail Down A Fast Sale



Selling a home is a big task, and definitely one that isn’t easy. There are ways to make your home sell quicker and for more money if you decide to make upgrades, but who says you have to spend a lot of money and time bringing your house to tip-top shape? DIY masters, if you intend to sell your home and want to make some updates, make sure you read this guide.


Preparing Your House


As you prepare to sell your home, think about simple, cost-effective ways to improve it. Don’t spend too much time on areas that will only be useful when you show the house. The new owner will likely redecorate and make the home their own anyway. Instead, pick a few DIY projects that can spruce up the home and make it a better purchase for potential buyers.


  1. Paint the doors. Have you ever noticed how dirty and scuffed up your doors look? Painting the interior doors can breathe new life into them, and painting the front door can increase its curb appeal for the open house.
  2. While you’re improving doors, add or replace the kick plate on the bottom of your doors. A shiny, new toe kick might not be the first thing you notice, but it’s always in the corner of your eye. This upgrade should be easy to do with common items in your toolbox.


  1. Add backsplash tiles to the kitchen to protect the wall behind your stove or sink. This modern upgrade can make the kitchen look more attractive. The DIY Network has a tutorial on installing a backsplash, but you might want to hire a professional or recruit a friend who has the right tools to do the job.


  1. Build shelves to create decorative spaces and to eliminate floor clutter. Shelves are relatively easy to install yourself if you have a level and a quality drill. Just buy the shelves, standards and brackets, and you’re on your way to beautifying your living space in a functional way. Don’t forget to add some nice décor to show off how the shelves can be used. Shelves inside closets could be appealing to future homeowners, so consider adding more utility to this overlooked, but useful storage space.


  1. Pretty up the floor. Changing your carpets, adding rugs to hardwood floors, or refinishing tiles in the kitchen and bathroom can make a drab home look gorgeous and new. Perhaps replacing all of the carpeting in the house is too big of a job. But just replacing the carpet on the stairs can make a difference. If your stairs are at the front of the home, imagine buyers walking in and seeing this instead of worn, old carpets with footprint marks.


Selling Your House


Once you’ve made your home upgrades, it’s time to look into selling. You’ll first need to find a listing agent in your area. Using HGTV’s guide, thoroughly research and vet agents to find the best listing agent for your home selling needs. Your agent can help you decide when it’s the best time to sell your house. You can also talk to them about what other improvements you can make to increase its marketability, such as deep cleaning and staging your home.


Don’t underestimate the importance of a deep clean. In many cases, it’s best to outsource this task so you know every nook and cranny has been addressed. The average cost for maid service in Billings only ranges from $133-$200, according to Home Advisor -- a worthwhile investment in helping make your home more attractive. As for staging, most real estate agents will have a strategy for staging the home to potential buyers. Ideally, you’ll be clearing away as many personal items as possible and looking for ways to make your home one a buyer can envision as their own.


Finally, get professional photos taken in the best natural lighting possible and promote your listing online. Your realtor will help you navigate this process, as he or she is the one with selling experience.


No home needs to be sold as is. With all of the small upgrades a homeowner can do to increase the value of their home and find a buyer faster, there’s no excuse to skip this step. It requires some work and a small investment, but the payoff will be worth it in the end.


Photo Credit: Unsplash