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C.K. Mack Introduction

The rental real estate market is booming. More and more, people opt to rent rather than buy, primarily because of onerous loan qualification standards – and outright fear. The result is higher rents, higher quality tenants, lower vacancy rates and increased cash flow. Until now, only the most affluent could benefit from rental real estate investments. At C.K. Mack, our goal is to allow any interested party to invest in the cash flow rental real estate provides...

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How We Qualify Renters

All the properties you see on our website are already rented, and thus investment ready. If you’ve ever had experience with rental real estate, you already know that good tenants make or break a unit’s profit margin. At C.K. Mack, potential tenants go through a rigorous screening process and evaluation before they can sign a lease and move in...

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Things You Didn’t Know about Montana

OK, we’re biased. We think Montana is the most beautiful state in the union. We’re the Treasure State, after all, and our precious treasures of land, wildlife and people are our lifeblood. Here’s a few pieces of information you may not know about this fabulous place...