C.K. Mack Introduction

C.K. Mack – General Introduction

The rental real estate market is booming. More and more, people opt to rent rather than buy, primarily because of onerous loan qualification standards – and outright fear. The result is higher rents, higher quality tenants, lower vacancy rates and increased cash flow. Until now, only the most affluent could benefit from rental real estate investments. At C.K. Mack, our goal is to allow any interested party to invest in the cash flow rental real estate provides. Today, any Montana resident can participate in this distinctive method of real estate investment via our online platform. As America shifts to a rental mindset, investors concerned about virtually nonexistent bank interest rate returns and a volatile stock market can grow their fortune through the stable returns offered by rental real estate.


We’re Different than Standard Real Estate Investment Trusts

Standard real estate investment trusts (REITs) focus on shopping malls, office buildings and other commercial tenants, or large scale residential apartment complexes. Our focus is on individual, quality rental homes. You choose the actual property in which you invest your money. Many REITS require minimum investment of thousands of dollars. C.K Mack investors can get started with just a $25 minimum.  

Our Properties

We purchase properties below fair market value based on specific criteria. Properties meeting our performance metrics are purchased, rehabbed and rented to carefully screened tenants. Every house we list is already rented, with the ROI calculated and posted. You receive rent based on your individual properties’ performance.

We maintain escrow accounts for situations that could affect your return, such as vacancies and repairs. All due diligence information is available, so investors know the risk level of each property offered.  

Real Estate Experience

When it comes to real estate investing, investors want expertise and a track record.  Unlike many of our crowdfunding competitors, at C.K. Mack we bring a combined total of over 30 years of successful real estate investing experience. All the properties featured on C.K. Mack are historically performing assets.

Peer to Peer Lending

Our company operates on a model similar to peer to peer lending, where individuals borrow and lend money without the use of a third party financial institution as the middleman. Investors do not own the properties in which they invest. Instead, C.K. Mack, LLC retains ownership and responsibility for all assets offered for investment. Investors are investing in a peer to peer transaction through C.K. Mack Montana Alpha, LLC, the entity investing in the securities offered by C.K. Mack, LLC.

Grow Your Portfolio Over Time

Our low minimum investments allow investors to grow their portfolios over time. By reinvesting these monthly returns, those $25 minimum investments build up into substantial amounts. Non-accredited investors may invest up to $10,000. Accredited investors – those with a net worth over $1 million excluding their primary residence or an annual income exceeding $200,000 for at least the two previous years – have no investment limit.

In-House Buyback Program

When you’re ready to divest all or part of your investment, our in-house buyback program guarantees that you will receive the money you paid for your investment. That is not the case with standard REITs. All investments must be held at least 12 months before the investors can sell or trade their securities. After that initial 12-month period, investors are free to sell or trade.

Get Started

Get started by signing in and clicking on “Montana resident.” Open an account and deposit funds via wire transfer or check. Browse available properties. When you find a property in which you want to invest, just click on “invest now.” C.K. Mack makes rental real estate investing simple and affordable.