Things You Didn’t Know about Montana

Things You Didn’t Know about Montana

OK, we’re biased. We think Montana is the most beautiful state in the union. We’re the Treasure State, after all, and our precious treasures of land, wildlife and people are our lifeblood. Here’s a few pieces of information you may not know about this fabulous place.


Native Sons and Daughters

For a state with a small population, Montana has been the birthplace of some of America’s most beloved celebrities. The list includes:

  • Brad Bird – animator and producer whose work appears in The Simpsons, Rugrats and The Incredibles.
  • Dana Carvey – Saturday Night Live and Wayne’s World
  • Gary Cooper – could the star of High Noon, The Westerner and The Plainsman have grown up anywhere else?
  • Chet Huntley – TV newscaster.
  • Evel Knievel – daredevil motorcycle stuntman.
  • Myrna Loy – classic film star of Hollywood’s golden era, starred as Nora Charles in The Thin Man
  • David Lynch – director, writer, actor, painter, photographer, musician. This Renaissance man created Twin Peaks, Eraserhead and Blue Velvet, among other works.
  • Jeannette Rankin – the first woman elected to Congress.
  • Scot Schmidt – the world’s first professional skier.
  • Lester Thurow – economist.

Flora and Fauna

Montana is for wildlife and wildlife lovers. You’ll see more wildlife here than in any of the contiguous U.S. states. The average square mile in Montana contains 3.3 deer, 1.4 pronghorn antelope and 1.4 elk. That’s a far greater number than the human population. Your wildlife mileage may vary.

  • There are more cattle in Montana than people. Visit the O’Fallon Museum in Baker to view the world’s largest (stuffed) steer. “Steer Montana” weighed nearly 4,000 pounds and stood almost 6 feet high.
  • Montana has the largest breeding numbers of trumpeter swans in the country.
  • Montana leads the nation in the different mammal species calling it home.
  • More grizzly bears live in Montana than anywhere else in the lower 48, and they’re the state animal.
  • More migratory elk live in Montana than anywhere else in the country.
  • The largest population of nesting loons in the West are found outside Missoula.

The Triple Divide

Located in Glacier National Park, Triple Divide Peak allows water to flow into the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and Hudson Bay.

The British Crown Jewels

The Montana Yogo Sapphire is the only North American gem included in the British crown jewels.

The World’s Largest Snowflake

We’ve got plenty of snow, and Montana boasts the record for the largest snowflake ever seen – a whopping 15 inches in diameter.

The Most Extreme Temperature Range

Montana hold the record for the most extreme temperature range, with a recorded low of -70° F and a recorded high of 117° F.