Why C.K. Mack

Why C.K. Mack

We specialize in rental real estate for income and have 30 years of experience in the real estate industry.
While we have clients around the United States, our focus is real estate markets in Washington and Montana.

Why Invest in Rental Real Estate ?

Rental real estate is an alternative to a stock and bond portfolio for income.
Real estate crowdfsourcing gives investors access to new opportunities

Rental Market Condition

Rent Increases Continue to Outspace Inflation

We saw earlier the relationship between interest rates using the 10-Year Treasury Bond as a proxy and the growth in rents for rental real estate. Whereas Interest rates have been steadily declining since 1980, rents have been increasing since 1960.

In the graph below using data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, we see prices for all consumer items compared to an index of rents for primary residences and an index of professionally managed apartments. Since late 2010, rents for primary residences and professionally managed apartments have managed to outpace inflation.

C.K Mack Rental Market Condition

Executive Team

C.K Mack Mack Schicktanz

Mack Schicktanz

Chief Executive Officer

Mack Schicktanz has been investing in real estate for over 12 years. His focus has been finding creative solutions for difficult real estate situations. He has also been a Realtor for the past 10 years and currently holds his license with Keller Williams in Billings, MT. Mack started college at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana, where he studied biomedical sciences. Soon after, he decided to take a semester off to work at a clinic in Uganda, near the Kenyan border, to explore medicine in a more hands on way. As an EMT at the time, he was able to dive in and experience medicine first hand. After spending time with a number of doctors and discussing the pros and cons to a career in medicine, he decided to drop out of college and start investing in real estate. Here, he focused on flipping and acquiring rental properties. His mom, Linda, came up with the concept for C.K. Mack and the two of them worked to develop the model and create the first iteration of the website. Since then, they have recruited a top tier team and have perfected an investment model that solves many of the problems that most people have with investing. Linda has since retired, but her ideas continue to help push C.K. Mack forward.